Domestic Relations

Domestic Relations Division

The Domestic Relations Division operates in three (3) distinctly different types of legal areas: Juvenile Prosecutions; Child Welfare Unit; and IV-D Unit (child support enforcement proceedings).

Juvenile Prosecution

The Lorain County Prosecutor's office receives a variety of referrals from all Lorain County law enforcement agencies involving individuals under the age of eighteen (18). Juvenile prosecutors focus on unruly and delinquent behavior that can range from truancy to homicide and includes the preparation of requests that certain juveniles be transferred to the Court of Common Pleas for prosecution as an adult. Additionally, this unit prosecutes adults who are charged with crimes such as child endangering, failure to supervise, failure to send a child to school and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Serious offenders require separation from the community in facilities such as the Lorain County Detention Home or institutions of the Ohio Department of Youth Services.

Child Welfare Unit

The Lorain County Prosecutor's office represents Lorain County Children Services in protective custody cases that require the removal of children from homes due to neglect, abuse or dependency. These children are provided a full range of services, including medical attention, foster care and court protection. This Unit provides advice and counsel to Lorain County Children Services caseworkers and staff.

IV-D Unit

The IV-D Unit represents the Lorain County Department of Job and Family Services, Child Support Division, in matters related to the establishment of paternity, the establishment of child support orders, and the enforcement of child support. These duties include the preparation and the prosecution of felony non-support offenses. This Unit initiates civil collection and actions for past due child support, processes interstate and even international child support enforcement actions. Efforts are directed at causing non-paying parents to pay child support to the custodial party, as well as to reimburse the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services for financial assistance provided to some children.

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